Breakfast buffet

Our abundant breakfast buffet caters for any taste.

Fresh filtered coffee and further coffee and tea specialties contribute to a delicious breakfast. You will find many tea varieties (black teas, "Roibusch" teas, green teas and fruit teas) arranged beside the samovar. Various cocoa powders and hot milk are also available.

The buffet includes moreover several types of bread and rolls, such as white bread, "emperor's rolls" and various cereal rolls as well as daily changing varieties like pretzel rolls, cheese rolls or fitness rolls. Different pastries, wholegrain bread and Swedish cracker bread complete the offer. Waffle pastry is also available to be baked in the waffle iron. The waffles can be garnished with chocolate sauce, vanilla sugar, cinnamon sugar or powder sugar.

The buffet offers also homemade jellies and fresh fruit salad as well as abundant fresh fruit. Fruit muesli and cornflakes can be enriched with various muesli components. A grain flaker is available to crush individually different "bio" cereal grains. You can choose between orange juice, multivitamin juice, apple juice, red or black current juice, grapefruit juice and tomato juice. Still, medium and sparkling mineral water is also available.


Our "Henriette" keeps the soft boiled eggs warm for you. Another egg boiler allows to cook the eggs according to the own taste. In the refrigerator you find cooled milk, natural yogurt, homemade fruit cream cheese pie, fruit yogurts, Bressot cheese and various other cheeses (sliced cheese and soft cheese).



Beside cooked and raw ham you can taste several types of sausage, such as little pieces of "tea sausage" and liver sausage spread. Different vegetable bites as well as butter and margarine are also available in the refrigerator. For our sweet-toothed guests there are fruit jams, diet jams, honey and nutella spread. During the festival period the breakfast is enriched with fried and scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, milk rice and semolina mash.

We wish you a delightful start of the day!